European Interoperable Database (EID)


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The European Interoperable Database (EID) is the key outcome of the RESCULT project. It represents a composite tool designed to support emergency operators, authorities and decision-maker in protecting cultural heritage against natural hazards.

The EID is made by different components:


The core component is a database, designed and implemented to support emergency operators by providing six different interfaces:

  1. Cultural Heritage
  2. Disaster information
  3. 3D models
  4. Risk analysis
  5. Advice-Seeking
  6. Crowd Acquiring

In order to access the EID, you will need two things:

a) username and password. If you don’t have user name and password, please directly request them by sending an e-mail to Massimo Migliorini (Enable JavaScript to view protected content.).

b) to download and install Quantum Gis version 3.2 or later.