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Upcoming events:

The third case study data collection meeting will take place in the Prehistoric Museum of Quinson, France, in July 2018.

Also, ResCult will present its results at the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction (November 2018, Italy).

Past events:

April 2018 – In Venice, Italy, researchers and practitioners met in April in order to collect discuss the data provided by the case study partners on the Santa Maria dei Miracoli Church.

29 November 2018 – user forum in venice

26 September 2018Innovation in the intelligent management of Heritage Buldings - COST ACTION TD1406, 4th MC meeting (Valletta, Malta)

27 September 2018 – presentation of RESCULT Project in Malta, on Working session of the COST ACTION TD1406, Innovation in Intelligent Management of Heritage Buildings

3 October 2018 – Meeting with Civil Protection Marche Region and representatives from ICOM, MIBACT and Tolentino Municipalit

25 October 2018 – Cultural Heritage in the Digital Era - closed-door event, invitation by the European Commission (Bruxelles, Belgium)

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