First User Forum in Venice

29 November 2017

The purpose of the User Forum is to gather together different stakeholders operating in the field of Cultural Heritage Protection and Emergency Management, with the aim to discuss the conceptual model of the European Interoperable Database (EID) that will be implemented in RESCULT project. Opinions, feedbacks and suggestions on how to refine the EID will be collected during the Forum by attending experts.


The User Forum embraces Four sessions:

  • Session 1: The RESCULT Project and the European Interoperable Database
    Aim: introduction of the RESCULT project and of the EID to attending experts
    Session Type: Front line
  • Session 2: The Conceptual Model
    Aim: overview on the conceptual model of the EID and first feedbacks gathering
    Session Type: Interactive (10 min presentations and 10 min feedbacks, for three times)
  • Session 3: Emergency Management & Cultural Heritage Protection Scenarios
    Aim: experts will be divided in working groups, each group will be invited to discuss an emergency management scenario involving cultural heritages, and to spot needed/useful data to support  preparation and intervention procedures.
    Session Type: Interactive (Working Groups + Round Table)
  • Session 4: Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
    Aim: summary of the feedbacks gained by experts and closing remarks
    Session Type: Front line